Pacino & De Niro: in the same scene for the first time ever

For the first time in history, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino appear in the same scene together in this old-skool classic, Heat. The two actors had both appeared in The Godfather but never in the same scene together.

Produced and directed by Michael Mann, the 1995 film, Heat, brings these two together in the now famous Restaurant Scene.

Pacino plays the hard-arse cop chasing bad-ass pro bank robber De Niro. It’s classic 90’s cops and robbers at it’s gnarly best.

As the voice-over in the Trailer rightly states at the time,

Their performances have created a legacy of landmark films…

In September this year, together with director Michael Mann, the two reunited onstage to unveil a digitally restored version of the movie, giving an oral history of the crime thriller at the headquarters of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.