How to maintain sexual desire

All too often men coast along in partnerships whether they be long-term, casual or otherwise, assuming all is well, until the day it’s not. It may be your partner needs a little more… attention.

It’s too easy to become consumed by service to family, to our employer and to the community at a cost to our deeper selves and, our significant other. One could argue these are one and the same. The opportunity exists in every moment to invigorate your woman and in turn, to deepen your own existence by giving her the kind of attention you yourself would welcome.

By learning to ignite and maintain sexual desire in a relationship you can begin to elevate your partner’s satisfaction in the bedroom to foster a loving and fulfilling existence.

I discovered that the most traditional aspects of a culture and the most progressive and radical changes in a society take place around sexuality.
– Esther Perel

Esther Perel is the author of “Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence. She strikes a refreshing balance of pragmatic male-oriented advice on relationships with a soft woman’s perspective to explain what the feminine energy is yearning for.

Esther Perel: Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships

A point worth mentioning in the following interview on the topic of Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships is that of play. The foreplay before foreplay. The tease. The tension. The to and fro that creates a place of quiet excitement between lovers.

Don’t just be dutiful, responsible citizens…

Paradox of choice and lasting relationships

What it takes to build a lasting relationship, or a relationship of ‘quiet love’ is a qandry that eludes many.

Are you looking for a kind of high school love affair or something of lasting substance where the potential lies to learn about love, intimacy and yourself. Can they co-exist?

Esther, who’s been married over 30 years, suggests we cannot go around beta testing partners. “Yes, could could find an other, but not necessarily a better“, she says.

Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships